About Us

Siddhi food Boutique - chocolates


SIDDHI FOOD BOUTIQUE is all about delivering healthy customized homemade chocolates, snacks, and food products to the consumers, we only keep one thing in mind, It is not about the number of varieties we make but the quality we maintain in our products. Our consumers never ask us to improve the quality because we maintain 100%.

We know, with the increasing number of customers and quantity it is tough to maintain the same amount of quality but, WE NEVER COMPROMISE.

We manufacture a variety of chocolates with milk, dark, and white chocolate compounds. We try different combinations to make the consumer choose from a wide range of products which include; Chocolates with nuts, Layered chocolates, Flavored chocolates, Designed chocolates, Mixed compound chocolates, Plain chocolates or combination of any two varieties.

Our manufacture in food and snack section contains almost all the traditional Telugu recipes (TELUGU PINDI VANTALU); Arisalu, Ravva Laddu, Sunnundalu, Palli Patti, Gulabi Poolu, Ribbon Pakodi, Kobbari Laddu, Boondi Laddu, Janthikalu, Nuvvula Laddu, Murukulu, Pelala Laddu, Godhuma Kazalu, Kajjikayalu, Chekkalu, Karam Boondi, Kobbari Boorelu and a special famous item MAJJIGA MIRAPAKAYALU (OORA MIRAPAKAYALU). All the products are manufactured in rich hygiene conditions and packed accordingly to secure the taste and medical values.