KAKARAKAYA KAARAM | కాకరకాయ కారం – 250 Grams

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This product from Siddhi Food Boutique is a must-try item. Many of us doesn’t like bitter guard but, I would challenge you on it, once you order it, you will come back again for sure. This can be served with rice along with ghee. Our making style will leave the bitterness and allow you to enjoy your food with happiness from your tongue and heart later.

But Consider not eating it too much at a single-serve.

Ingredients: Red chili powder, Bitter guard, Coconut powder, Cumin seeds, Curry leaves, and Garlic.

Why is this Healthy?

  1. Coconut powder will help in maintaining sugar levels and improve heart health, in addition to that, coconut powder have antibacterial properties which benefits digestion and helps in weight loss.

  2. Kakarakaya/bitter Gourd, helps in maintaining blood sugar level, lowers bad cholesterol, glow’s your skin, cleanses the liver, helps in weight loss, boosts your immunity, and improves eyesight. Kakarakaya is high in plant insulin as well.

  3. Garlic is a blood purifier it relieves cold & flu, prevents heart diseases, it contains anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties, prevents cancer, good for skin and hair. Too much garlic should be avoided by asthma patients and persons who are going for surgeries.

  4. Cumin Seeds/Jeera contains antioxidants, it promotes digestion, provides iron, improve blood sugar control, and reduce food-borne illnesses.

  5. Curry leaves have antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Curry leaves help in losing weight and keeping diabetes in check. It also improves eyesight, boost your memory, and relieve morning sickness and improves digestion.

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