Can i pay cash on delivery?

Sorry! We are happy to accept online payments.

In what locations your products will be delivered?

We will deliver products in Hyderabad only at a standard cost of 50 Rupees per delivery. Subject to pre-payment.

When will you deliver the product ordered?

We will deliver the products only on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. For more information please visit shipping & refunds page.

Can i get a refund of amount if i cancel my order after order being accepted?

Please check out our shipping & refunds page.

What kind of modifications can be made to the products?

We will make the products as per your specifications like less/more sweetness, less/more spicy, less/more nuts (chocolates)… or any similar modifiaction. Remember that, modifications can not be made to the products that do not have a note colomn.

What if i leave the modification colomn empty?

If you leave the modification colomn empty without specifying anything, the product will be prepared and delivered as per regualr measurements.